Friday, December 30, 2011

University Avenue - Safeway

Safeway Store on University Avenue - May, 10th 1940 ... 

2011 ... Safeway is now a S&W Plastics store... its art deco style still stands on University Avenue (formerly Eighth Street)


  1. Great find! From a time when advertising -- even by regional/national companies -- was better tailored to local markets. The Inland region has lost out dearly over the past several decades with the loss of such methods. (Btw, we may have to "borrow" this advertisement for raincrosssquare.)

    Also, it's quite interesting to note that 4 of the 5 stores were in close proximity to one another. In particular, the West Seventh Street (Mission Inn Avenue) and the Main Street locations were VERY close. Possibly due to the fact the automobile hadn't yet become as dominant as it later would?

  2. Very true! You really don't see a lot of local marketing anymore. feel free to borrow :)

    I think that's probably very true about location. Also, since the core of people was Downtown early on it would make sense to keep them all around there.