Friday, December 30, 2011

University Avenue - Safeway

Safeway Store on University Avenue - May, 10th 1940 ... 

2011 ... Safeway is now a S&W Plastics store... its art deco style still stands on University Avenue (formerly Eighth Street)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fairmount Park, Then & Now ...

Just thought I would share some Fairmount Park <3 
Fairmount Park was named one of the American Planning Associations "Great Places in America: 2011"

(the 'then' photos were from Special Edition old newspapers & the California Citrograph found at the Downtown Riverside Public Library,  'now' photos were taken by me)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tyler Mall view late 70s/early 80s

Center white buildings are the Tyler Mall & Tyler Street is on the left side of the photo. Photo is taken facing NE from a house off McAllister Street.

As you can see in the picture, not all the tract homes had been built yet.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

my little absence...

Just wanted to let you know I was robbed & my computer stolen... which is why I have not posted. Will be back by next month though! So stay tuned :)
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Avery Edwin Field

If you search for photographs of Riverside you're likely to come across Avery Edwin Field, he was a well known photographer in the City from the 1910's until 1952.

I just thought I'd share some of his amazing photos with you and let you see a few Then Vs. Now ones as well... all black & white ones are Avery Edwin Field ...

If you'd like to know a bit more about Evergreen Memorial Cemetery go here: Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery

This home was recently on the Riverside Vintage Home Tour 

This is a photo of it from The Old Riverside Foundation as it looks today

The Post Office

The Post Office today... this one is by Matt Haase at

This is at Sixth & Main ... 
Sixth & Main today... 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Riverside Landmark # 42 ... Greystones

My friend Matt ( & I are shooting photos of all the Riverside Landmarks for the City and today we happen upon Landmark No. 42, Greystones. 

Luckily the home was not behind some huge fence or anything and we got some great shots. The owner of the home saw us out of a window and we decided to go up to the front door to explain what we were doing. The owner was a very kind man named Terry and he's lived in this home for 40 years. The tree in the above picture on the right side was planted by his grandfather at the same time this house was built around 1900, though the Landmark plaque states 1902. He said his grandfather bought the tree for $1.35 and planted it himself when it was no bigger than about 3 feet tall. Now it is that majestic tree you see today. 

This is Greystones. Just above the front entrance doors behind that hanging centered light is the name of the house carved in wood. The porch ceiling shines with polished hardwood. 

Apparently, Terry's grandfather, John, built this house himself and his family has always owned the house. John, owned his own orange orchard here at the turn of the century and the home is surrounded by lush gardens and landscaping. Terry told us the incredible landscaping was done by none other than the designer of Victoria Avenue, Landscape architect Franz P. Hosp.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Landmarks & Public Art of the City of Riverside

So I've recently been working on making a Landmarks & Public Art Interactive Map for the City & thought I would share it with all of you :) let me know your thoughts or if you know any other public art around the city so I can mark it... (p.s. it is still a work in progress)

View Landmarks & Public Art of the City of Riverside in a larger map

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Left over from early Riverside...

This home near Madison & Magnolia once was surrounded by orange groves ... here is the Dec. 1937 issue of the California Citrograph we can see this home as it once was... though barely. At the time it was owned by Edgar T. Wall (a fruit buyer & shipper) & his wife and still had an address fronting on Magnolia Ave. It was featured for its beautiful gardens and tree varieties. In 1954 the property was subdivided; the home remains today with a few remnants of its past still visible.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brockton Ave

While reading a newspaper from 1925 I found that Brockton Avenue was named after its original inhabitants who were from Brockton, Massachusetts...
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heritage House...

Heritage House is located at:

8193 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA 92504

If you have some free on the weekends I would definitely check it out. It's FREE!! but they do ask for a donation. Also, you can check out their website at: Heritage House

Here are some pictures:
Front view from Magnolia Ave

I brought my friend Britt here after we had lunch last Saturday & I had totally forgotten they give you a full on tour... for some reason I was remembering it as just like a self walk through tour or something. I was wrong :)
Middle room you enter from the front door. The downstairs has these gorgeous elaborate fireplaces <3

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Olivewood Cemetery

Every time I go visit my Gram I usually pass by the Olivewood Cemetery... and the other day driving by I saw large old headstones sloping up towards the hill that I'd never noticed before and realized I'd never been there and seen them. So I decided to stop by on my way home. 

If you want to watch a cool documentary on cemeteries check out: A Cemetery Special - PBS
it's on instant stream on Netflix if you have that :)

Anyways, here's a few pictures I took:

I liked the pentagram on it...

... FEARNOT ... interesting last name.

August 5th, 1888 - February 6th, 1889 ... not even a year old

Randomly came across the Harada's plot ...
If you don't know anything about the Harada family go here: About the Harada House
The Harada House is one of two city buildings listed as a National Historic Landmark in the City of Riverside. The other landmark is the Mission Inn.

Obviously there are segregated sections in the cemetery; this is the Japanese section


this one just had a sweet Victorian feel to it...

also saw this mausoleum

I also joined this site: & added the Harada's since they weren't listed. I figure this could be something fun to do in my spare time...for some reason I love making lists and cataloging stuff and researching things. It's like we can now digitally make history and places available for everyone to enjoy and I love that.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Riverside Airshow 2011

C-17 Globemaster II
 So Saturday morning I woke up to loud planes flying over my house around noon. I guess that means I should have been awake already with an alarm like that, but I wasn't. The boyfriend, however, was grumbling in his sleepy voice, "Why are there more loud planes than usual?" ... & then the light bulb in my head flipped on. Oh yeah! The Riverside Airshow!

When I said that the boyfriend immediately got out of bed and was like "WHAT!!?? Why didn't you tell me! We have to go!" ... long story short. We went.

Also, it was FREE!! (parking was $10, but you could find a spot down the street & walk). The boyfriend opted to pay the $10 instead though. I also read it was the 19th Annual Airshow. I had no idea we had Airshow's here... & I've lived here pretty much my whole life. Whoops.

These 2 pictures of the C17 ... wow. So huge. Watching it take off home later in the day was really cool; lift off is the best part of course. It circled past once as well, but in the air so huge and far above it looked slow. Still cool though.

So we spent the day walking amid the different planes parked, watched a lot of planes do neat tricks I couldn't possibly name for you. Though they flew upside down & did sharp turns and loops. One pilot even turned the engine off in mid air and glided himself to landing. That one was pretty crazy.

C-17 Globemaster II

We also had lunch at the Airport Cafe, even though there were food booths everywhere. Unless you brought your own chairs to sit on there was nowhere to sit and eat the booth food.

So Airport Cafe seemed like the best option, plus we could sit outside and continue to enjoy the planes doing tricks above us. The food was actually really good, the only downside being the cup of chili we ordered. I can't even honestly call it chili, it was like a bean and ground beef soup. Seriously. It didn't even taste bad, it just tasted bland and had no flavor to it whatsoever.

Corvette... old one

Lincoln with suicide doors
Finally we ended up near the car show area, which I thought was awesome. Usually the boyfriend loves cars, but his love was devoted to the planes for that day. The only car he really liked was this Lincoln. I'm a Corvette girl myself.

I saw Tiger's on cars twice

Military helicopter for Marines
 Anyways, the event ended around 4pm and walking out we saw these military vehicles and flying machines. The tiger I saw twice. He had been driving a car earlier.

The day came to us unexpectedly, but we were both happy to find something free to do that also brought with it the good memories of childhood. The boyfriend and I fondly remembered going to air shows as kids and watching the Blue Angels fly overhead and looking at different planes and toys with our fathers.

I'm now looking forward to next year's Riverside Airshow :)