Friday, June 17, 2011

Riverside Landmark # 42 ... Greystones

My friend Matt ( & I are shooting photos of all the Riverside Landmarks for the City and today we happen upon Landmark No. 42, Greystones. 

Luckily the home was not behind some huge fence or anything and we got some great shots. The owner of the home saw us out of a window and we decided to go up to the front door to explain what we were doing. The owner was a very kind man named Terry and he's lived in this home for 40 years. The tree in the above picture on the right side was planted by his grandfather at the same time this house was built around 1900, though the Landmark plaque states 1902. He said his grandfather bought the tree for $1.35 and planted it himself when it was no bigger than about 3 feet tall. Now it is that majestic tree you see today. 

This is Greystones. Just above the front entrance doors behind that hanging centered light is the name of the house carved in wood. The porch ceiling shines with polished hardwood. 

Apparently, Terry's grandfather, John, built this house himself and his family has always owned the house. John, owned his own orange orchard here at the turn of the century and the home is surrounded by lush gardens and landscaping. Terry told us the incredible landscaping was done by none other than the designer of Victoria Avenue, Landscape architect Franz P. Hosp.


  1. New reality series you two could start; "House stalkers". Too bad he didn't give you guys a tour of the inside and a nice glass of iced lemonade!

  2. @Stella

    haha, that would be awesome! I'm gonna recommend the home for Riverside's Historic Destinations tv show ;)

  3. I found your blog while on facebook from the riverside city status update :) I love your blog and the photos you have. Can't wait to see more.

  4. @pauline125

    awesome! glad you're enjoying it :)

  5. This home is amazing!! I work for a cleaning company and I've been inside to clean the home and it is beautiful inside.